Always changing colors

I have this lampshade in my living room that drives me crazy, something about it I really dislike. I like the shape, the silver is just not working for me.  I think I bought it on clearance at home goods a few years ago.  I thought I could find a bright colored shade with patterns to go with it but never found one in my cheap priced budget that I liked.  A few months ago I spray painted the base teal hoping that would solve my love hate issue, but still nothing.
I am a multi-tasker.  Nothing like doing one thing at a time. Never.  I took these before pictures quick with my iphone in the garage once I realized I was staring a new project.  I also decided to change the base from teal to white.  On both the base and shade I used Annie’s Chalk paint.
As I began painting the cream shade I watered down my paint brush to create a thiner paint. One of my favorite things about Annies Chalk paint is the ability to change it’s consistency. Having a thiner paint helped make the paint strokes even and stroke free when applying to the fabric shade. As I worked with the paint, I slowly added more paint until It came to a consistency I liked.  Think of it almost like painting with water colors.
I love the way it turned out that I just might go paint all my lampshades in the house!!!  The color is a perfect amount of brightness .  If your looking to change up your lampshade I totally recommend trying to transform the one you have before buying a new one!!!

I’m going to take a little painting break today to finish packaging up my Mug swap Mug.

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