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Well, here we are just four days from Christmas. Have you shopped till you dropped, or maybe your smart and avoided all the crowds at the mall and did your shopping online.  I finally got all my item’s crossed off my list and now I have shopping bags sitting in multiple spots in my house with gifts just waiting to get wrapped.

And now the fun begins , wrapping all the gifts.


After gathering all my wrapping supplies I had my gift all wrapped . I used  a few of my favorite papers from Maggie Holme’s Gather paper collection to create a couple cute gift tags.

Using a cardboard star as my template, I traced around my pattern papers to create the star shape and then used embellishments to finish them.


I love using my We R Memory Keepers typewriter to write notes and messages.  I typed a Merry Christmas message for each star tag using  card stock paper vs. light wright printing paper.

tyepwriterdeerOnce I had my messages typed, I cut the paper in flag like shapes and attached them to my stars with adhesive. On the polka dot star I used hot pink thread and sewed it onto the top of my tag.



Making your own gift tags are fun and it add’s a little personalization to your gift that any recipient will love !!!








It’s that time again for the making of the yearly Christmas hot cocoa spoons. This year I took it up a notch and used gold spoons that I found for only $2.00 at Target !!!  I love making these spoons for friends who have little ones.  I feel like these spoons have now become a tradition, and I’m ok with that.


Let’s get to the making .. these spoons are really easy to make.
 1. Melt down chocolate bark on low heat.
2. Using a small spoon I carefully filled the gold spoon with a little chocolate. Once the chocolate was added to the spoon I carefully tapped in on the counter to get the chocolate to spread evenily.
Add any kind of toping you wish while the chocolate is still soft. My favorites are mini marshmallows, sprinkles and crushed  candy canes. I found it to work best if I had all my topping ready as the chocolate starts to dry as soon as it’s removed from the oven.

closeupspoonsSet the spoons aside for an hour to let the chocolate harden . When they are all done drying enjoy or package up for gift giving !!!

Sidenote: These spoons are made to be used as a extra spoon full of chocolate and should be used with an  already made cup of hot cocoa


 You can see previous years of hot cocoa spoons here and here !!

As we started the Christmas season this year, I had a bunch of fun DIY’s planned to share with you, but it seems just like every year the time just flys by and I am frantically looking at the calendar with disbelief it is already Christmas week.  As we go into the final week of Christmas I am holding my breath I can get everything checked off my list.

I returned home this weekend from a  quick trip to Arizona and can’t wait to share more of that with you in the coming week. Today, I have a really fun and easy DIY that I am obsessed with and so excited to finally share it with you !!!!


By now, I am sure you all know how much I love deer. When I saw these cute deer ornaments at target I might have hoarded them all ( sorry to everyone who shops at my local target).  Aren’t they just the cutest !!!

Before starting this project I removed the small ornament hook that was screwed onto the back of the deer.  With my small paint brush I gave these darlings deers antlers a little makeover.



I love a little pop of color, especially when the color is pink !!!  There are so many fun colors you could use or even gold glitter.


Once the paint is dry they are ready to go !!!!  Depending on the paint you use, they should be dry within 30-60min.


I love a good Christmas DIY that is quick,easy and cute !!!


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    Morgan - I own a store called Pink Antlers Studio, so I think these are pretty great!
    Merry Christmas!ReplyCancel

Raise your hand if your having family and friends over for the Holidays ??  In the upcoming weeks we all will find ourselves gathered around the ones we love singing Christmas carols and stuffing our faces with all the treats as we celebrate the holidays.

And what’s a Christmas party without the treats !!

Maybe your hosting a big party, or the one bringing over over the treats. Today I have teamed up with Harvest Snaps to show you a fun DIY to share with all your party guests.

foodlabelsAs much as I love sugar cookies and all the treats, I always like bringing  a few snacks to share that are healthy and easy to snack on like Harvest Snaps.  Not to mention these snapspeas are addicting !!! #seriously


Harvest Snaps come in a wide variety of flavors, so why not bring them all !!! I love creating food labels so my guests know what flavors they are they are trying!!!

Grab a few paper cups and poor a handful of your snap’s into inexpensive party cups for instant cuteness !!!! Having party cups makes snacking easy and eliminates messy hands and flighting over the bag !!!!!



Are you ready to learn how to make these cute food label party sticks !!! Grab your supplies and let’s get started!!

SUPPLIES >>> 1. crepe paper / tissue paper  2. scissors  3. gold glitter twine  4. skewers   5. hot glue gun


Step 1: After you have gathered all of your supplies cut a small strip of your crepe paper about 5 inches long.

Step 2: Starting on one side of the crepe paper cut slits 3/4 of the way to the top . Do NOT cut all the way to the top!!


Step 3: Add a small dot of hot glue to your skewer stick and wrap your fringed crepe paper all the way around. Add another dot of hot glue and the end to compete.

Step 4: Cut a small strip of your glitter twine and wrap around the bottom of your crepe paper. Use your hot glue gun to the ends of the twine to attach.

To create the label, grab a piece of white paper and cut a small flag shape. Using a typewriter or hand letter the label and attach to the skewer.


So easy, right !!!! These food labels are a quick and fun project to add to your food table. Now, will someone please pass me some Harvest Snaps !!!!


This post was sponsored by Harvest Snaps. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep this blog rocking !!


The forecast calls for the first BIG snow fall of the season starting today and all I want to do is cuddle up on the couch with a pile of quilts and hot cocoa. I have a feeling my fur babies wouldn’t mind joining in too.

Don’t get my wrong, I love everything about Minnesota, but could we just forget about  the snow and cold weather. If it wasn’t for family and our amazing thrift stores here, I would be packing my bags and moving somewhere that didn’t have temperatures below 50.

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With the colder weather beginning I can finally start tackling some in-door projects that I have been ignoring over the summer / fall.

A few weeks ago I spotted this SUPER cute side table while browsing the isles at Target but goodness I couldn’t justify the price.

Not long after falling in love with the two toned  whicker side table at Target I came across this canned round piece at the Goodwill for $4.00.  Although the style is a little different I knew I could make it cute with a little paint.  And I mean … $4.00 vs. $63.00 !!!!!!

sidetable2With a few coats of white paint I had my canned side table like new again. I used painters tape to section off the area where I wanted the paint to stop.


A few of my favorite side table books : Pretty Prudent Home | Furniture Makeovers | The Shopkeepers Home


As much as I wanted to splurge and buy the side tables at Target I am so happy I waited and found something that turned out just as cute.


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    laura - Yours is far cuter! Adorable and what a great idea. I will be looking for something like this in the future during my Saturday thrift shop adventures.ReplyCancel

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    heather smith - Score. They look like Bentwood side tables. Which you can purchase on 1stdibs. For not 4$ LOL. Looks so good!!!ReplyCancel

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