DIY flower magnets

The snow is finally starting to melt here in Minnesota, and I am getting so excited for spring. I’ve been doing lots of cleaning and De-cluttering trying to freshen things up.

Our fridge always seems to collect random papers and coupons leaving it looking messy and cluttered. I took 15 minutes to remove all the paper , this inspired me to make some new magnets to help make the fridge look a little more attractive.


Using my board stickers from Maggie Holmes  bloom collection I started off by gathering my supplies. I suggest using the extra strong magnets. They tend to do a better job of holding .


Once you have gathered all your supplies peel your flowers off and stick them onto a plain white piece of paper.  You will need to cut the extra white paper around the flowers.


Once you have cut the paper from around your flowers hot glue your magnets to the back side.


The hot glue should dry in seconds and our magnets are ready to be put up on your fridge.


A fun and quick project that can be done in less then 30 minutes, and it leaves your fridge looking pretty.


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