Fear No Mess ” DIY Soap Stand “

It’s Wednesday, are you guys ready to get our hands messy with a fun DIY.

You can never let a good DIY fear you from getting your hands a little messy.  I have teamed up with my friends at method soap and can’t wait to show you how to make your very own soap stand that will put all other store bought soap holders to shame.

soapblocksink copy>> SUPPLIES NEEDED >>>

  1. 18 Wood blocks
  2. tape
  3. your favorite color paints
  4. paint brush
  5. small clamp
  6. wood glue
  7. Method Soap


STEP ONE : Let’s grab our wood glue and get this project started.

Starting off with 3 block add a small amount of wood glue in the middle of 2 blocks.  Once your glue has been applied sandwich your blocks together using your clamp. The clap will hold your blocks in place for you keeping them tight until the glue dries.  Keep the clamp on the blocks for a good 5-10 minutes.


After step one has been complete you should have a total of 6 stacks of 3 blocks each. Now we need to glue our 3 stacks of blocks together. Grab  your wood glue and place a line of glue down 2 of the stacks. Clamp the 3 blocks  ( pictured on right)

Once your block of 9 is dried repeat with the last set of blocks. After both sections are dried you will now have 2 square blocks each having 9 blocks each.

For the last step, glue and clamp your two square blocks of 9 together. Once this step is complete all your wood blocks will be glued together to create your block stand.

woodblockclampNow let’s get this party started. I grabbed a few of my favorite color paints. It’s ok if you don’t use them all. I wanted to make sure I had options .  You can paint your wood blocks before you glue them or after. I did a little of both.


I used a small piece of washi tape to section off a diagonal area on a few of my wood blocks.


If your like me, you already have paint on your hands before you even start washing off your brushes !!! But don’t worry. method hand soap is here to save our day.

pinkwater With a few drops of soap your hands and brushes will be clean in no time. And the best part, it smells just like your standing at the top of a waterfall, not loaded with other harmful smelling chemicals.

closeupwashhandsFear no mess, don’t let a little paint steer you away from a good DIY project.



soaphands And now that your hands are clean you can enjoy your new soap stand that will add a bold statement and will look great with all 70+ great smelling and bright colored method soaps.


This post is sponsored by method. All ideas and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands who help keep our DIY projects rocking !!! 

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