Labeling the stockings

There are a few traditions our family enjoys during the Christmas holiday. Eating Christmas hot-dish for dinner before opening presents is a must, which when I think about is quite funny. We are usually out of town at families house so our little family celebrates early together.

I’ve never been much into traditional stockings. I am a big lover of change, and having to keep the same stockings year after year just doesn’t seem right.  This year we handmade new ones after our store bought ones were outdated. (not really, I just wanted new ones)

As I started to bring Christmas presents under the tree and add a few gifts inside the stocking I realized we were’t able to tell who’s stocking was who’s.


I remembered a few weeks ago I found a big bag of old clothespins at the thrift store.  The bag was still out in the garage stacked with a bunch of other goodies I haven’ unpacked yet. I love how they each are unique in color.

I wanted to add removable name markers to the stockings.

Using a small amount of paint as my base and gold glitter I jazzed up the tops of the clothespins.

stockingclipsOnce the paint and glitter had dried, I found each of our initial letters from Maggie Holme’s chip board pack from the SHINE collection . I love how big each of the letters are and their shinny gold color .   goldletters

I clipped the gold letters to the front of each stocking using the glitter clothes pins.


A quick and easy project and now there shouldn’t be any mix up.

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