lover of vintage chairs

Vintage chairs, tufted chairs, wood chairs and stools . I love them all.

It all started with this photo of Emma, my 5 year old yorkie. I had just recently painted this stool and wanted to take a photo of her sitting on it.  I thought she would look cute so I put a bow in her hair and had lots of treats in my hands.  Who knew she would later on have her own hashtag on instagram . #emmasitsonachair


I love a good chair find.  It’s like a big sugar high at the thrift store.

If only I lived in a house big enough for all of them. I often get asked what I do with them all.  Well, let me tell you. I have kept a lot of the wood chairs at the studio for workshops and events. I have passed a few of them onto The White house Boutique for their vintage rentals and I keep a few here and there.

emmachairI have found the majority of the vintage chairs on Craigslist and the thrift store.  You just never know what you will find.  Which is the best part!!

emmachair3When looking for vintage chairs my best advice to you is check the condition of the seat padding first.  If the padding is worn or just old and crumply don’t worry, this is a easy fix . And remember, you can always recover if you fall in love with the frame.


Now I need find a way to start getting my car in the garage for the winter months…. It has turned into my chair warehouse.

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