On the side of the road

This morning I started my day off in the car running around getting my "to do's" checked off my list. As I was driving past our post-office I happened to see this tipped over chair on the side of the road. I quickly turned my car around to see.
There she was, a old school house chair. First let me tell you that I have a chair obsession.  So, of course I couldn't pass down a free chair.  She was really dirty, and rusty. On the top there is some places where the wood has been broken, but that is the beauty of free.  Spray paint is a staple in my garage and I had just enough to give her a full coat. Spray paint works really well with any kind of project that involves metal.   Within a couple hours she was dry.  When I see a project I do it right away. I hate having a list of to do's in my head, and it overwhelms me.  Maybe its the creative side in me, I don't know.  Don't get me wrong, not everything happens right away, but I usually don't let projects like this sit for very long. 

I am still trying to figure out where I will put her. Probably in our kitchen next to our hutch. Perfect for a plant. What fun treasures have you found on the side of the road ???

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