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Last week I instagramed a few new paint colors I was using, and today I am excited to show you what I was up to. While making a quick stop into the thrift store for something I probably didn’t need, I found myself staring at this white mini hutch. A hutch that probably comes up to my chest. Now I’m short, 5ft and a half. Right away I visioned mini kitchen.  After a phone call to my cousin, the little white hutch was on it’s way home with me.
After a quick clean up, I gave her a fresh coat of teal paint. Once the paint dried, I added a back splash using a roll of paper I had for wallpaper. A recent purchase of some scallop suede trim worked perfect to give the shelf a finished look. I kept the old handles on the two drawers and just re-sprayed them white.
I did purchase some stove turners at Home Depot that the kids can turn.  I sprayed the cork circles black and glued them down for the burners.  On the side I add a few hooks to hang play pots, and baskets.

This little project was so fun to create. I think I had more fun going back to the thrift store and rummaging through my own kitchen finding cute tins and play  bowls to accessorize. I am excited to bring this over to my god daughter Lilly and her Brother for lots of fun play kitchen memories.

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