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Hi Friends,

Today I am excited to share with you a little gift giving DIY.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s way easier to just throw a gift in a gift bag and call it done. I’ve been there and sometimes we just need something quick.

Today’s DIY took less then 15 min. and turned out so cute .

Recently I found a old box that I didn’t want to throw away . I love recycling boxes and reusing them for gifting. To create this gift box will only take a couple easy steps.

  1. Gather your favorite pattern patters from Maggie Holmes newest Carousel collection.
  2. Open your box and measure the insides. Once you have your measurements take your pattern paper and cut to those measurements .
  3. Insert your pattern paper into the box making sure it fits and lays flat. Using adhesive place the papers to the box.
  4. Give yourself a high five !! You just made a cute gift box.

Now that the inside of the gift box is all ready, I finished my project with decorating the top of the box.  I used paper and accessories from the Carousel collection to complete my gift.

Instead of adding a card inside my box I used a glassine envelope and add it to the top of my box.  To close the envelope I added a bow sticker to the top of my glassine envelope.


Now what are you waiting for, go grab a box and get your DIY on !!!!




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