Road trip to Spokane, WA ( Farm Chicks Show )

I have always loved a good road-trip . I am not a big fan of sitting still in a car for hours and hours, but when Sara Parson’s is the driver you know it’s going to be a fun trip.

Sara picked me up from the Seattle airport on Thursday morning. Some how she convinced me to fly into Seattle rather then Spokane so she could  have a road-trip buddy.  At first I wasn’t to sure on the idea. A 3 hour plane ride and then another 4.5 hour car drive ….

We made a stop at Starbucks and then we were on our way.  I am so glad I agreed to be her passenger for the next 4.5 hours.

amandaandsaraOnce we got into Spokane we arrived at The Historic Davenport Hotel where Ashley and Lesley were waiting for us.  As we drove up we were greeted by a very friendly staff and valet service.  The nice gentlemen at the hotel helped us unload our car and brought our bags up to our room.  I am pretty  sure they thought we were crazy when they saw us trying to get our suitcases unbarred from the back which was full of craft supplies.

The Davenport hotel is a beautiful hotel that has award winning amenities.

If you are planning a trip to The Farm Chicks show I highly recommend staying here.  The staff was amazing and the best part, if you book far enough in advance you can get a “farm chicks ” discount on your hotel stay.

davenporthotelstayOne out of many that stood out in the hotel is the attention to detail. Everything is covered in gold, and so pretty on the eyes. Even the elevator sign had gold dragon details.

davenportThere were many great local restaurants and shopping stores in walking distance from the hotel.  I highly recommend stopping into Madeleine’s Cafe and Patisserie  . The cafe is just the cutest and the food / coffee was amazing !!!!


On Sunday, before driving back to Seattle to catch my plane home we stopped into the show one last time to say our goodbye’s  to Serena and to make one last round of shopping. All of our suitcases were filled to the max, but that didn’t stop us from trying to bring home a few more things.

( inside that Silo is where our workshop took place on Saturday )

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetBefore coming to the show I had to give myself a budget + goals of what I wanted to bring home. It helped that I only could fill a suitcase our I might have gone off the tracks.  My first “want” was a yellow mustard quilt and then a vintage pink rotary phone.

I brought home 1 out of 2 item’s on my list. I think all the extra quilts made up for not finding a pink phone.


We also had a little time to do some quick shopping on Saturday before the workshop. The girls and I quickly fell in love with Jaybird vintage and prairie girl vintage booth. It’s so fun meeting other girls who have the same passions as  you do, and to find out we have mutual friends. Such a small world.

These girls are just the sweetest. If your looking for vintage goods check out their instagram where they sell some of their shop items.

IMG_1818After saying our good-byes and dropping Ashley and Lesley off at the airport, Sara and I headed back toward Seattle to catch my plane home.

Sitting in the car for another 4.5 hours.  I couldn’t let Sara drive by the Antique Mall twice. We gave ourselves 30 minutes inside.

IMG_1802We looked fast and scored a few goodies to take home ( photo on the left) .  My suitcase was full of vintage textiles ( photo right)  but I made sure there was room for me to sneak in these goodies.

vintagefindsI am still trying soaking in our time in Spokane, WA.  So many great memories that I will hold onto for a life time.  This world of social media has gifted me with some amazing friends, new and old.

I can’t stop smiling from all the fun we had.


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