buttons + instax

Oh the love of buttons!! A few weeks ago I took a few pictures of Emma with my new Instax.  I am in LOVE with this camera. The pictures cost aprox. $1 each for the film,  I still can't stop taking them!!

I started this project about a week ago. After browsing Pinterest, I came across some great inspiration. I took a  trip to Jo Ann Fabrics and picked out some buttons in the color scheme I wanted. Of course, Pink, White, Green, Teal.  I used all different sized buttons.  After I started, I knew it needed something, it just didn't seem complete.  I needed or should I say WANTED some vintage buttons. I searched ETSY for some, and didn't really find anything I wanted.  So I left it, until I found what I needed to finish it off.

Last weekend I took a trip to the monthly Picket Fence Girls antique/vintage store in Lindstrom, MN.  I walked around and was disappointed to have nothing in my hands.  I took another trip around ( I tend to get overly excited and walk around really fast) the store and right in front of my face was a BIG jar of BUTTONS. If you follow me on Instagram you saw the picture of the jar.  I was SOO excited.  I did pay a price for them, $19 !!! It was worth it. They were so pretty.  And I am pretty happy with the end result.  Keep your eyes out, this just might peek up in our next NEST CRAFTY workshop!!!!

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