Covered in love

I have had this calling in my heart for quite sometime. The kind where it doesn't leave. I am a full believer that God gives us gifts to use to help others.  To help friends who are struggling, and barley making it. Who have kids that don't understand why their parents have it so hard, and see their friends with new shoes and clothes to play in.   

Yesterday two of my dear friends Jenna and Jessica got together to help make a difference. We packed up our sewing machines at met at our studio.  There is nothing better then sitting in a room full of natural light with girls who understand your heart. We sewed to help make a difference.  In one day we sewed 25 camera strap covers. It was a full day. A day I will remember and so thankful for.

If you would like to help a dear friend of ours and her sweet family who are struggling financially, our Covered in Love shop is open. We have a small quantity of camera strap covers available.

                          Thank you dear friends. For helping a family who needs our love.

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