Spoons and a doll house

On Friday I instagramed (@amandarydell ) and shared a sneak peek into our craft afternoon at the studio. The girls have been so excited to take a trip to my studio. Last year we made wood spoon puppets, this year I thought It would be fun make spoon dolls with a doll house. 
 Supplies needed to make your wood spoon dolls: wood spoons, ( I found a cheap pack at Walmart for .99)  Paint, small paint brushes, colored yarn, hot glue gun.
To give the spoon dolls some clothes, we wrapped our spoons with bright colored yarn.  We used lace and ribbon as clothing accessories. When wrapping the yarn around the spoon, make sure the yarn is pulled tight. I added a small dot of hot glue on the back holding the yarn from slipping.  

All dolls need a doll house, right!!
Supplies needed: Large cardboard box, cutting knife, chalkboard paint, small piece of chalk.

I sat aside from the girls and cut from a large cardboard box a house shape. You will need two of the exact same size house shape.  Once you have both of the houses, take house A and  cut a slit going 3/4 of the way up starting at the bottom (shown in picture above) On house B cut the same size slit starting at the TOP of the house. Cut about 1/4 of the way down. Once the slits are cut, I painted both houses with chalkboard paint. Each house needed about 2-3 coats of paint . Once the paint is dried, slide the house slits together.  The house will now stand on its own.   When you no longer want the house to stand, simply fold together flat until next time.

With a piece of chalk, the girls drew their own rooms onto the house. A kitchen (shown above) bathroom, bedroom and living room.  To erase and create a new room, simply use a small amount of water on a towel and erase.

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