Spreading love in Chicago

If you were to find a $2 bill on the ground what would you do??? 
This past weekend I meet a friend through Instagram in Chicago for a weekend getaway.  I had such a fun time walking round the city visiting all the typical tourists places while stuffing my face with sprinkles cupcakes and asking strangers if we were going in the right direction. By the time we got to our hotel on saturday night, I think I finally had the metro train figured out.

On Sunday, before catching the plane back to Minneapolis, we rode the train back into the city to do a few random acts of kindness.  Our first stop was leaving $2 bills on the sidewalk. With chalk we wrote "A treat for you" and "Have a happy day".  I had brought a small pack of gold glitter stars that I sprinkled around each writing.  It was so fun to stand aside and watch as people approached the money taped to the sidewalk. Many people did not stop to pick up the money, but kept walking with a smile on their face. Others took a picture, while others didn't even seem to notice.  I was curious to know why some did not pick up the money. I asked a few and they all said they wanted to leave it for someone who really needed it.  We were able to witness a few people pick up the $2 bills, and to those we didn't I can only hope it brought love and a smile to their face. 

We did multiple different random acts of kindness, but this by far way my favorite. You never know what a person is going through, and by these random acts of kindness I sure hope they felt that extra special love. 

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