simple pretty packaging

By now you  know how much I love creating and sending pretty packages.  Last weekend while I was in Chicago I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon crafting and playing with some of the new shop sweet lulu  packaging product.  It was like a packaging girls dream come true.

There is just something so special about a empty box, and even more when it’s pink and gold.

Creating pretty packages doesn’t have to be expensive.  Sometimes the simpler the better. A few of my favorite item’s to always have on hand to make quick and easy gifts are:

  1. colored boxes
  2. washi tape
  3. ribbon
  4. mini honeycomb balls
  5. cupcake wrappers
  6. stickers
  7. twine

These simple little packages turned out so cute. And I just love how you can turn a simple box into a ready to go gift in just minutes. For more inspiration from our pretty packaging craft session  head on over to the shop sweet lulu blog.

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