Pilgrims and Indians

Do you remember making paper bag costumes and dressing up like a pilgrim or indian in elementary school ??   I always wanted to dress up like an indian, maybe because of the colorful feathers and pretty headbands.

I know I said I was jumping out of fall early and into winter , I just couldn’t leave behind this cute thanksgiving kids craft Jessica and I created with two of our favorite little girls.

Inspired by last years spoon puppets, we thought It would be fun to celebrate Thanksgiving with a fun afternoon project for both you and your child to enjoy. I know we sure had a lot of fun !!!

To make the puppet spoon indians we used the following supplies:

  1. wood spoon ( we found a cheap 4 pack at wal-mart)
  2. paint in a variety of colors
  3. beads and string
  4. felt ( + hot glue)
  5. twine
  6. washi tape and wire (feathers)
  7. burlap


To make the puppet spoon pilgrims we used the following supplies:

  1. wood spoon
  2. paint in a variety of colors
  3. black yarn
  4. ribbon
  5. lace
  6. black ,white and yellow paper
  7. hot glue

pilgrim I know I am guilty of getting caught up in the pre-consumerism of Christmas, especially with the early snow fall and the stores showing off their pretty tree’s and playing Christmas music.

I hope this little spoon puppet project will inspire you to take a step back to enjoy a fall afternoon of crafting and to share all the things you are thankful for.


photos by: Jessica Kesterson





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