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Hot Chocolate is a necessity around here to warm up chilled hands, and It’s the best excuse to have a extra treat!!!  And who doesn’t love adding in a few extra marshmallows !!!

Last year I made these hot chocolate spoons as gifts. I was told the were a huge hit, so this year I thought I would make them again but add a fun new twist.



  1. Wood Bamboo spoons 
  2. washi tape
  3. paint / paint brush

Using your washi tape, tape off a section of your spoon handle. I placed my tape towards the to top of the spoon so my handle would be fully colored. Using your favorite colors paint the handles and let them dry. Once they are dried, remove the tape.



I have melted both chocolate chips and chocolate bark and I have found that chocolate bark works best. If you are going to be using the spoons the same day, chocolate chips will work just fine. I noticed the chocolate chips chocolate didn’t stay as fresh and clean looking as the melted chocolate bark.

Using a small metal spoon I transferred the melted chocolate bark onto the wood spoon. I then began adding the melted chocolate to the center of the wood spoon, about  the size of a penny.   Slowly I began tapping the bottom of the the wood spoon onto the counter to create a even spread. I found it helps to tip the spoon slightly towards the top as you are tapping.



I found the best toppings to use are sprinkles, crushed candy canes, mini marshmallows (found by the hot chocolate) and my favorite heart shaped candy ( found at my local baking store).

Taking a step back, I found it works best to have all the toppings ready before adding the chocolate to your spoons. This way you can add the topping right away and they have time to harden with the chocolate.

spoons3 spoons1

And don’t forget the whip cream !!!                                                                                                       photos by jessica kesterson

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