The perfect pink

Over the weekend I tackled a bunch of painting projects. Some new and some that needed to be finished. I have had these chairs sitting in my garage for some time and finally got time to paint them.

Pink paint can be really tricky, along with green and teals.


I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite light pink and antique inspired paint colors. I find myself using these three colors all the time. The chair above is painted with Ruffles.

I’ve said it many times, Behr paint is one of my favorite. i’m not no spokes person for them( but wouldn’t that be fun), I just really love the quality of their paint .

Here are the colors from the photo above: Ruffles 170-3 / Salmon Peach 190-3 / Duches Rose 190B-4

Now go grab your paint brush and paint something.

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