all about the selfie ( selfie stick DIY )

Let’s start this post off with the fact that I never thought I would ever own a selfie stick. NEVER !!

I am one of those who finds it super embarssing to be seen with such a thing. A friend recently  pulled one out of her purse the other day in public, and I might have turned red as a tomato, I tried to convince her not to use it, clearly she thought I was silly. After we took our photo I was amazed at the amazing angle shot, and how great of a photo we got in less then 5 tries.  AMAZING.

Last week before leaving for  a 19 hour road-trip to Utah, my friend Katie handed me a gift before getting in the car. A little gift for our road-trip she said.  As soon as I opened  the pretty package,I couldn’t wait to put it to use, and of course we did. I can’t remember laughing so hard.  I knew this road-trip was going to be fun one.
  • Step 1: Remove any stickers attached to your selfie stick.
  • Step 2: Using painters tape, wrap the top area of  the stick.
  • Stpe 3: Remove the wrist handle at bottom of stick. This can be re-attached after painting.
I love using Rust-OLEM spray paint.  To start, carefully spray your handle making sure you don’t get any paint on the top portion of your stick.

Depending on the paint you use, let your stick dry for at least an hour. Metallic paint typically dries faster then normal spray paint.  Once your paint is dry, remove your tape, making sure you didn’t miss any area’s.

And  just  like that, my selfie stick is now gold !!!!


As you can see, we had lot’s fun. Who knew self sticks would help make the perfect gangster photo.



  • April 28, 2015 - 9:20 am

    Kristin - How do you press the shutter button?ReplyCancel

    • April 28, 2015 - 9:29 am

      [email protected] - Kristin,
      There is a small remote that is synced with your Bluetooth on your phone. Super easy to set up. You can see it in the first photo .ReplyCancel

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