In need of a little party

So it turns remodeling a bathroom is way harder then I ever imagined. It’s a slow process, you know measuring twice cutting once. I am just about done and can’t wait to show you soon !!!!

In the last couple weeks I have seen the hardware store more then Target.  I made sure to fix that with a quick trip a few days ago. It’s always so fun seeing all the new products in the changing of the seasons. I found the cutest mini party hats and of course I had to have Emma test them out. With all the hard work being done in the bathroom a mini party was in order.

I know posts have been inconsistent lately.   I have some fun DIY projects I can’t want to share with you and a couple big  announcements in the month to come.

Thanks for following along on this crazy creative journey with me.  Even when things are a little quiet.

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