Amanda Rydell                                                            Jessica Kesterson
When our friendship blossomed in 2010, we quickly learned we had everything in common: There are few things that inspire us more than planning parties, hunting for beautiful new and re-purposed supplies, and working on amazing new craft projects. In December of 2011, we joined forces to put on a handmade gift-making workshop for our friends in Jessica's home. We LOVED every minute of it and cannot believe that Be Crafty Workshops have transformed into a way to create together regularly and share our love of crafting with the world!​​ Our workshops are intended for crafters of all skill levels--even those who do not consider themselves crafty! Each workshop is designed to inspire and empower you to not only bring home an amazing finished product, but also to dream bigger and continue creating long after you leave! Here you will meet new (real-life!) friends, learn new techniques, and find all the supplies you need to create something fabulous. ​

When not crafting, she runs a photography business with her husband and runs around chasing her curious little boy. She adores all things vintage and has the world's biggest sweet tooth.

INSTAGRAM: @jessicakesterson
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Photography: Jefflovesjessica

Lover of all things handmade. When not digging for new treasures to repurpose at the local thrift store she keeps busy crafting and designing for My Little Dear. 

INSTAGRAM: @amandarydell
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