A birthday to remember

On October 16th, I said good-bye to the wonderful world of being in my 20's and joined the 30 club!! The 20 decade was 10 great years of learning who I was, and I've felt so blessed to have had so many great opportunities, I can only image what the next 10 have in store.

Back in September, Jessica and I attend SCRAP FEST at the MOA. I left so inspired. Inspired to create, and to create for others who may not have that pretty in their life, or who may need a pick me up. I am not a 12x12 scrapbook page maker. I love pretty paper, pretty ribbon and pretty buttons.  I think everyone needs a little gold glitter and fancy paper in their life.

Our church has been studying and focusing on giving back to
others and after reading the book seven by Jen Hatmaker, I wanted to do
something different on my birthday. Something that would impact others.
Birthday gifts are fun, and exciting, but this year I wanted to gift
others. Thus, created
30 acts of kindness. 30 simple gifts to 30 people to brighten their day. 

We started our road trip with one main direction. We were to end and be at Stockholm WI, by 5:30ish for a night of pizza at the Stockholm pizza farm. Our first stop was indicated by a Starbucks exit sign where we needed to pick up a few $5 gift cards. We also knew we wanted to pay for someones coffee behind us, so we patiently waited for a car to pull up behind us before we ordered!!  And then it happened. Our first act of kindness. It was so exciting. Lots of giggles and hurry drive away!!!

Once we hit the gas and drove away, we turned around in a driving school parking lot, where a drivers ed car was parked. I thought, hey, put a tag on that car.  Thankful for all those drivers ed teachers who have such amazing guidance and  patience. We wrote "thank you for being such a great teacher and keeping our roads safe by teaching safe driving".

Down the road, we turned into a gas station to fill up on gas and collected some candy bars and bag of popcorn to tape to the nextflix box and some lottery tickets (did you know you can only pay cash for lottery tickets!!!)  We bought 3 lottery tickets and placed them randomly on the gas pumps. I hope who ever was blessed with them won big!!

Next we headed towards the grocery store where we placed 4 random candy bars along with their tag on the car windshield. I mean, who doesn't need a candy bar after grocery shopping!!!

After leaving the grocery store, we spotted a small credit union bank. No cars were in any of the stalls so we pulled in, and opened the money tube, and sent a $5 Starbucks gift card to the teller who was working the dive-thru window.  As I am tying this, I am laughing at the fact that we were trying so hard to take pictures of all our acts, and the giggles and laughter took over much of our experience, that I think the bank teller was wondering what the heck we were doing, as we totally forgot she  could hear every word we were saying!!!

Our last act of kindness in this cute little town was at the local McDonald's.  A $5 gift card and tag was placed inside the baby station blessing a mom for being strong and thanking her for being a awesome mom.

We continued on the road as our time was clicking and happen to spot a small family pumpkin patch. We made a quick u turn. I bought 3 rock candy pops from the mom and pop shop ( and was given a sucker at the register) and placed tags inside pumpkin pins, and around the patch!!!

From there, we set off to finish the last 1hour+ to Wisconsin to the pizza farm.

Once we arrived, I was told to go order the pizza and wait for it. So I did.  As I waited 25+min I  was soaking in the day. Thinking that when you give back, your heart gets filled as well. I kept telling myself how lucky I was to have such amazing friends, friends who share the same passion as I do. That we need to take care of each other in our world, even if we don't even know them. Everyone needs a pick me up. And as I get older, I am so thankful for the simple things in life, and thankful for friends who would make the rest of the evening so special.

As I walked back on the small windy dirt gravel road to the car where I was told to meet them, I walked right toward two amazing giddy girls singing "happy birthday" and this, this PINK RUFFLE cake. A cake that you would see at a wedding. I was so shocked and excited, that I almost dropped the pizza box!!!

We spent the evening enjoying pizza, and a wine. Watching the sun set behind us in the prairie fields while catching up on each others lives, laughing and dreaming of what the next 10 years will be like. Thank you Jessica and Bethany for this amazing day and for helping me give back to others with little pretty surprises. I am so blessed to have you as friends!!!

For more photos from this amazing day, head on over to Jessica's  and Bethany's blog in the next couple days!!


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