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Back in June I received a email from the amazing Lexi asking if I would help her create some handmade decorations for her upcoming fall wedding. I was so honored that she even asked!!
As I walked down the stairs from the studio to meet Lexi, I was so excited to finally meet this sweet girl  I had only known through Instagram. She was just as sweet in person as she is on her beautiful Instagram feed. We carried up four 1 gallon buckets full of pine cones, and began brainstorming.
A trip to Home depot for paint, and 5 hours later, and a few screams from a spider invasion ( Lexi -HA) lots of laughter we had over 500 pinecones dipped with paint.  I love how the big ombre’ pinecones turned out. I think they were my favorite, although the mini blue ones were pretty cute too.
I love the way Lexi used the pinecones to hang on the ceremony arch. Her sweet grandmother Nancy spent many hours stringing the garlands, and adding little bows to each pinecone.  What would we do without our wonderful and loving grandma’s. They truly are the best!!
                     I love seeing all the handmade item’s Lexi created throughout her entire wedding.

Congrats again Lexi, so honored to have been able to help create what was such a beautiful wedding!!! All wedding photos were taken by Krystal Muellenberg Photography  and with the help of  Gerogia Huntzicker.

I woke up this morning to the sight of snow. YES, snow on the ground. It is only the beginning of November!!!!  I know I have been posting Christmas DIY's and talking all excited for the Christmas season, I am just not ready for snow yet. 
On Monday I took a trip to the antique store on my way home from picking up some supplies for our upcoming BE CRAFTY workshop. If you are ever in Minneapolis area I highly suggest you make a trip to old downtown Stillwater. They have some awesome antique shops, not to mention yummy cupcakes at the local Mara-Mi  Anyway, while driving through I stopped quick and ended up finding a few cute hankies.
I attached the hankies to a used white lampshade I already had at home. Once I had picked out the hankies I wanted to use I used clothespins to place the hankies in place so I could get an idea of how they would look and  for sizing. 
I am usually changing things up pretty regularly around the house. I wanted to be able to cover the shade with the option of being able to take the hankies off . I used small amounts of hot glue in the corners of the hankies. My lampshade has a plastic covering in the inside so when I am ready to remove the hankies it will be easy to pull off and won't wreak the lampshade or the hankies. 
In about 15min I had the shade covered and really like how it turned out.  Just wishing I would have ironed those hankies before I put them on ..... who irons anyway ;) 

A few weeks ago I was getting ready to take out our recycling when I realized how many glass containers I had collected throughout the week.  Between spaghetti night and realizing the molasses had expired when cleaning out the spice cabinet I had a bin full.
I am currently attending  Dave Rasmey’s  financial peace class. If you are familiar with his teachings you know I am on a strict budget. With Christmas fast approaching I knew these little jars could be reused and would save my budget.
After removing the original paper wrapping I put the jars through the dishwasher, making sure the spaghetti sauce didn’t decide to soak into my inside surprise!!! Once the jars were clean and dried I used Annies Chalk paint to paint the top lids.  As the lids were drying I found papers and ribbons and lace that would match. With the jars being all different sizes and shapes I cut paper to wrap around according to each jar. This way the gift inside is not shown.
It is surprising to see what actually fits inside these jars. I love the idea of gifting pens. There is such a variety of fun patterned and colored pens that this would be a great gift for anyone who is a list maker or lover of fun patterns pens like me !!
I might be wrong, but I think everyone could name at least one person on their Christmas list that would love a jar full of washi tape. These rolls fit perfectly inside. I also added a few flower cabochon magnets I had made!!
And if your not into gifting washi tape, gift cards are always an option. And yes these fit inside too!! The wider the mouth on the jar, the easier it is fill.
Now before you go rummaging through your recycling bins and cleaning out your fridge I am honored to have my dear friend Heather from  Life Made Lovely  who is crazy talented and always inspires join me in creating these party in a jar gifts. Hop on over and see how she has used her jars to create cute gifts for the teachers at her kids school!!

This morning I took a quick trip to target to get only a few items. Item's that were ONLY on my list.  I am lucky ( or maybe not) that our neighborhood is just around the corner from Target. I can't remember the last time I filled a cart there. Our trips are quick and usually happen when we run out of something.
Since yesterday was Halloween I had a feeling that they might be starting to put some Christmas item's out.  Of course I had to walk to the back corner of the store and sure enough all the tree's were up and Christmas music was playing.  A little to much, yes I know.
I always get excited to see the designs and trends of the season.
As I walked around just looking, I spotted these cute little cars. I was pretty excited as last weekend while doing some antique shopping I had spotted a few really cute old Tunka trucks. I have been looking for one for awhile. I have always wanted to plant succulents in the back.  At a price from $75-150.00 I had to pass.  I even found a mint colored one. 
With the price of $3.00 this little truck was perfect for my budget.  The truck was glazed in snow glitter so when I got home I took a little sandpaper and quickly sanded it down as I wanted a more rustic look. I also was able to easily remove the string and attached circle holder that is used to hang the ornament.
I think I might have found the perfect gift to give this Christmas season. 


Halloween is just not my thing. There I said it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good Reese Pieces.  And is it just me or are the pumpkin shaped ones  even better!!!
Just because I am not a huge fan of the holiday doesn’t mean I won’t celebrate with sending some happy halloween mail!!  I have a few friends who just LOVE halloween. So to celebrate with them I gathered what little black and orange supplies I had and put together a little package full of treats.

I hope your Halloween is full of treats, and not tricks!!!  Happy Halloween Friends!!!