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It feels like it was just yesterday Lesley, Allison and I gathered at the MADE shop in downtown Tulsa to welcome Instagram and Be Crafty friends.
As the room filled so did our bellies. We were treated with mini donuts from Lick your Lips , coffee from Mod’s  and yummy scones from The Round House .  I can still hear the loud laughter, the kind where you realize that there is a whole lot of fun going on. Cute business cards were being passed as new friendships were made.
We ended the meet-up with some awesome giveaways from some of our favorite shops. A big thanks to all of our sponsors for donating your time and talent to our meet-up. We love what you do and feel blessed to have the opportunity to share your awesomeness!!!

And we couldn’t have a party without some awesome decorations. Studio Mucci provide us with the balloons and tissue garlands.  Inspire Lovely made sure we had fancy bags to hold mini donuts and I think Lesley might have snuck away with the Nourishing Notes print that was featured on our dessert table.

After the meet up we were nourished with an amazing meal by Elote .  Our bellies were filled and we were ready to craft the afternoon away. You’ll have to head on over to Lesley’s blog to see some of the food pictures. I think I was stuffing my face and didn’t get a chance to get a picture.
As soon as lunch was over we handed out the swag boxes. I don’t even know how to begin to thank the sponsors for all their hours, and hard work they put into providing for our crafters. Every little detail was over the moon and I hope you take a chance to check out their shops and support handmade.
  1. Inspire Lovely  
  2. rayna jaye 
  3. studio mela  current promo: buy 2 prints get a 3rd free
  4. happy days by wifeysinger / blog / instagram / code: BECRAFTY for 20% off
  5. gleeful peacock 
  6. weather & noise 
  7. katygirl designsblog / instagram / code: becrafty for 15% off
  8. art jadenn
  1. HOPEhandmade  blog / instagram#hopehomemadeonetsy
  2. Jenna Lou Designs  / blog / facebook /  instagram
  3. The Splendor Shop 
  4. Fancy That Design House & Co / blog / instagram /  fb / code: OKBeCrafty for 10% off through 9/21
  5. Benzie / blog /  fb / code: BECRAFTY1310% off both shop
  6. Oh hello friend 
  7. Ella Reu Designs / fb  / instagram
  8. cmHandmade
  9. give with JOY   / blog / fb / instagram, #givewithJOY /  code: CRAFTY 15% off & if you like her on fb & make a purchase with the code, you’ll get a special gift!!
  10. The mason bar co.  / fb /  twitter / instagram / code:BECRAFTY for 25% off through the end of September
  11. Vintage Market Days 
  12. Lori Danelle fb / instagram / code: BECRAFTY15
  1. Stephlovesbeninstagram // code: TENOFF for 10% off
  2. pen and paint  / blog / instagram /  twitter /  fb / code: CRAFTY20 good through 9/25
  3. Larissa Loden
  4. Raising up Rubiesblog // instagram // code: becrafty20 for 20% off
  5. Kelsey Davis Design
  6. jenntage
After everyone opened their goodies, and boy did it feel like Christmas, we got right to work learning how to make chalkboard frames and painted wood spoons.
So many choices to be made as everyone chose their frame and paint colors. We all got a little creative when it came time to figure out how find room to dry 63 wood spoons and 21 chalkboard frames.


Let me just start off by saying this girl is A-MAZING!! We all gazed as we watched Lesley teach us more about chalk art and the many different techniques to use when writing on chalkboards. What a gift she has.

Wow. What a fun day.
Thank You. Thank you to those who were apart of Be Crafty Tulsa. And thank you to my dear friend Jenna and Kate for helping take pictures. I will never forget this day and I hope that as a community you continue enjoy the beauty of creating handmade.

It seems like so long ago that we started planning #becraftyok2013.  Back in March the idea came forward to host a Be Crafty workshop in Oklahoma. I was so honored to be asked and have the opportunity to work with Lesley and Allison.
We had a total of 21 registered crafters.
Before the workshop we hosted a Instagram meet-up. I sometimes find it funny that I help host these meet-ups. I don’t know if I would ever be able to attend one myself. Big groups of people are not typically my thing, but I enjoyed every moment.
As the day wrapped up, new friendships were made, and finished projects were taken home .
I don’t even know where to start talking about this amazing and talented girl.  Many many emails and texts went between the two of us before the workshop. We never once talked on the phone - isn’t that kinda crazy???….. It was instant friendship, the kind where you feel like you have known someone your entire life.  There were many laughs at each other over our difference in accents, and I think I even said ya’ all once!!!  I can’t wait till we get to see each other again!!! I miss her sweet face already!!!
As we began packing our cars, Tara caught me in the middle of the road trying to figure out how I was going to get those big balloons back into my car. I guess all you can do is stand in the middle of the road and pretend it will work.
Everyone at the workshop received a ticket in their swag bag to the local Vintage Market Days. Kate, Jenna and I all found something to take home with us. With the hot heat it was a good thing we weren’t able to stay to long, lots of fun treasures inside.
We were so blessed to be invited to stay the weekend with Ashley.  Her family opened their doors with loving arms. What a blessing it was to finally meet.  Thank you Ashley for all the amazing food and laughs.  Another friendship that I feel blessed to have.
I must state that we are exactly the same height. For once in my life I did’t have to stand on my tippy toes. For those of us that are short, this is pretty exciting!!!
Sunday morning we were nourished with an amazing breakfast that Ashley made.  We enjoyed each others company before heading home. I could have stayed all day chatting.
It was so hard to say goodbye. As I held my emotions inside, my heart was full, and tears filled my eyes as we drove away. What a blessing God had given me.  A open schedule to travel, and a chance to meet friends in real life .  There can be so much negativity around social media, without it I would have never been able to have experienced this weekend.
Jenna and I made it home in 11 hours straight.  A few stops to grab a cup of coffee,  (Thanks Thuy for sending us home with a Starbucks gift card)  trips to the bathroom and a stop to stretch our legs as we walked through a antique barn.  I could have not made the trip without you Jenna thanks for being such a great travel buddy!!!!
Until next time Oklahoma.

Sorry It has been awhile. It has been a busy few weeks here as I have been preparing for this weekends Be Crafty workshop in Oklahoma !!!  Earlier today I posted a quick picture on Instagram of a wood box package. Many of you asked what was inside, so I thought I would share with you quick and answer a few other questions regarding the packaging.
A few weeks ago while shopping at Micheals Craft store I stumbled across these wood boxes. On the shelf they are a blonde wood. I really wanted a dark wood look so with some stain I currently had in the garage I stained the box.  After staining and wiping down, I let the box dry overnight.
Now that the box is dry, I started layering adding some lace along with some glitter ribbon (american crafts) and then wrapped with some left over fabric scraps.
Also at the craft store I stumbled across Project Life. Have you seen this yet??  Now I am not a scrapbooker. I just like pretty paper. I saw they had a special line of Dear Lizzy paper and of course had to get them. I was a little disappointed there was SOOO many of the same kind of designs, but have really enjoyed using the paper cards for packages and little notes. I usually leave one of the cards blank so the recipient can use it.
Inside: A Tea towel from Anthropologie, a roll of pink twin, and some washi tape. On the bottom there is a small paper notebook.


I don’t think I will ever get enough of gifting these wood boxes a new favorite.


As I walked into the local Good Will I was on a mission to find frames for our upcoming  BE CRAFTY workshop in Tulsa (still a few spots left).  As I was digging and rummaging through the frames all I could focus on was a sweet little girls laughter in the background.  As I turned around smiles filled her face.  Her mom was looking at the children’s books and she was happily entertaining herself with a vintage rocking horse.  First off, I could not believe my eyes when I was that horse. I of course kept pretending to look at frames and dug through the sheets and bedding.
“Lets go” called her mom. I quickly turned the corner and the horse was left behind. It didn’t take more then 3 seconds to place that horse in my cart.  I eventually looked at the price tag, and as I got up to the checkout the price was marked down 50% as it was toddler Thursday. Can’t beat $2.
Earlier that same day I took a trip to Home Depot to pick out some new paint colors to bring along to the upcoming workshop. I have been wanting to add a few bold colors as my collection of paint seems to be full of pastels. I have fallen in love with these colors. I usually don’t like to use red but this Chili Pepper is a perfect mixture of red and orange. I also used Mermaid Song and Jovial all Behr paint.
                                        With a horse and paint in my car it didn’t take me long get home and start another project.

A few weeks ago I signed up for a mug swap .  Friends, this was a lot harder then I thought. Finding that perfect mug for someone whom you don’t know but can only see through Instagram and blog life.  I was so excited to see who my parter was.  She LOVES color and uses it daily. I was challenged to go outside my world of pretty pastel and jump into a world of crayola crayons.
I knew the perfect place to go, Anthropologie of course. I think this mug is perfect. You can never have enough polka dots and sunny yellow in you life.
Inside the cup I added a few surprises. She is a tea drinker, so I bought some of her favorite flavored tea and gathered them in a cotton bag.
I wrapped the box with a velvet ribbon and lace which  held a wood flag tag that said enjoy!!  Since the box was small, I added it to another kraft box for extra protection with some crinkle paper on the bottom.  I use the kraft crinkle with everything, a must have packaging supply to have on hand.

Now off to the post office. I am so excited for her to receive it, and maybe just as excited for mine to arrive!!!