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I have this lampshade in my living room that drives me crazy, something about it I really dislike. I like the shape, the silver is just not working for me.  I think I bought it on clearance at home goods a few years ago.  I thought I could find a bright colored shade with patterns to go with it but never found one in my cheap priced budget that I liked.  A few months ago I spray painted the base teal hoping that would solve my love hate issue, but still nothing.
I am a multi-tasker.  Nothing like doing one thing at a time. Never.  I took these before pictures quick with my iphone in the garage once I realized I was staring a new project.  I also decided to change the base from teal to white.  On both the base and shade I used Annie’s Chalk paint.
As I began painting the cream shade I watered down my paint brush to create a thiner paint. One of my favorite things about Annies Chalk paint is the ability to change it’s consistency. Having a thiner paint helped make the paint strokes even and stroke free when applying to the fabric shade. As I worked with the paint, I slowly added more paint until It came to a consistency I liked.  Think of it almost like painting with water colors.
I love the way it turned out that I just might go paint all my lampshades in the house!!!  The color is a perfect amount of brightness .  If your looking to change up your lampshade I totally recommend trying to transform the one you have before buying a new one!!!

I’m going to take a little painting break today to finish packaging up my Mug swap Mug.

I have been waiting to get my hands on some annie's chalk paint to tackle all the random furniture I keep bring home from the thrift store!!! And that I did.  This weekend I finally got back up to Mamma's Happy, the cutest and most inspiring shop full of chalk paint furniture and vintage goodies. I picked up two of my favorite colors and set to tackle a few painting projects that have been sitting in my garage. 

I added a few updated knobs on the bottom that I got awhile back at anthropologie, but kept the original knobs on top to give it a nice balance of new and old.  I love mixing new and old together.

This morning I was determined to get all the clothes from the laundry room put away. As I picked-up   one of my favorite lace tops I realized that it had completely shrunk.  I had no idea it got put it in the dryer. ( don't you hate when that happens!!! )  The length on the shirt was about 4 inches shorter then it was when I got it. I have only worn this shirt a few times so it was devastating.  I always have a hard time finding cute shirts like these. Most of my wardrobe consists of target tank tops and cardigans. 
You see, this shirt was pretty. A nice lace top with a cream bottom. I couldn't throw it away. It was to nice. Since repainting our kitchen the walls are still bare. I am in process of finding new things to hang on the wall, and was excited to be inspired to create some lacy hoop art. For the other hoops I used some vintage doilies and handkerchiefs and a few scraps of lace fabric. 

I am in love with the clean and simple look. Our house is all open and has been a struggle for so long on how to make everything look good together. I think we are finally getting to the point where I am happy.

Who's ready for a road-trip!!! 
I am excited to announce that Be Crafty workshop is traveling the roads and heading to Tulsa, OK.    This is going to be one workshop you won't want to miss!!! 
I have teamed up with the amazing and super talented Lesley behind Recipe For Crazy and The lovely Allison of Our Vintage Love for a full days event. You won't want to miss out on meeting Instagram friends at the IG meet-up, crafting and learning chalk art techniques at the workshop all while stuffing your face with lots of yummy mexican food . We will end the day by treasure hunting for vintage goodies with a free ticket to Vintage Market Days!!  I am so honored and excited to be hosting this event at MADE, a shop full of handmade goodies. 
And don't wait to long to register as we have some of the best sponsors providing goodies for the first 15 people !!!
If you can't make it to the workshop, please stop by and say hello!!! I would love to meet you at the Instagram meet-up which is free to all Instagramers!!!!! 


Last week I instagramed a few new paint colors I was using, and today I am excited to show you what I was up to. While making a quick stop into the thrift store for something I probably didn’t need, I found myself staring at this white mini hutch. A hutch that probably comes up to my chest. Now I’m short, 5ft and a half. Right away I visioned mini kitchen.  After a phone call to my cousin, the little white hutch was on it’s way home with me.
After a quick clean up, I gave her a fresh coat of teal paint. Once the paint dried, I added a back splash using a roll of paper I had for wallpaper. A recent purchase of some scallop suede trim worked perfect to give the shelf a finished look. I kept the old handles on the two drawers and just re-sprayed them white.
I did purchase some stove turners at Home Depot that the kids can turn.  I sprayed the cork circles black and glued them down for the burners.  On the side I add a few hooks to hang play pots, and baskets.

This little project was so fun to create. I think I had more fun going back to the thrift store and rummaging through my own kitchen finding cute tins and play  bowls to accessorize. I am excited to bring this over to my god daughter Lilly and her Brother for lots of fun play kitchen memories.