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Yesterday I shared photos from inside our day of crafting at The Farm Chicks Show, and today I am excited to share more about our sponsors who helped make this event extra special.

I love being able to help spread the love of handmade and small businesses with our attendees.  I asked Lesley if she would use her hand lettering talent to create a large poster that listed all of our sponsors to be displayed on the main wall of the room. We placed a #1 prize ribbon next to the poster, our sponsors are #1 to us and we are so grateful for their partnership.

We partnered with our favorite party shop Shop Sweet Lulu who helped us fill the room with balloons and honeycomb balls. Their shop is filled with the cutiest party decor and they are offering all our readers 15% off with code : ” FARMCHICKS ” … so go stock up !!!!

|  Photos credited to Sara Parsons Photography   |

We used natural canvas bags to place the swag items in.  We personalized each bag with gold foil sponsored by Ryonet .  These bags were a labor of love and turned out exactly how I envisioned.

My friend let me borrow her button maker to make pink buttons that said BE CRAFTY . I pinned the button to the bag near the handles of each bag.

The swag bags would not have been possible without the generiousity of  the small businesses listed below.

When the workshop attendees first entered the room they were given their name tag and a pink ticket. At the end of each workshop we drew a couple lucky numbers for our sponsored “giveaway” items which are listed below.
The winning tickets brought much excitement to the room, it was so fun to share these items with the lucky winners.
At the end of the workshop as the attendees left, we handed out the swag bags.  It was fun seeing the bags being used throughout the Farm Chicks show too !!
A big highlight from the workshop was having Jessie from Shop Sweet Lulu  attend the event. We have partnered on many projects together, and it is always so fun when we can actually hangout during our collaborations.
Serena out did  herself in helping make sure everything we needed was arranged and ready for us the day we came. I am so inspired by her and the work she does at The Farm Chicks Show.


And because our sponsors are so AMAZING, they have sent a extra item for you to WIN today over on my INSTAGRAM account. A winner will be picked and announced on instagram .


Thanks again to all of our sponsors who helped make our workshop happen. If you are looking to support a new handmade business, these shops will not disappoint!!!!

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    Katie - So many talented lovelies….. And so many beautiful things! Love this! XoxoReplyCancel

How has it been over a week already since BE CRAFTY  traveled to Spokane, WA to take part in The Farm Chicks show???

It was an extreme honor to be asked by Serena to participate this year. For years I have dreamt of attending as a shopper, so when she asked if BE CRAFTY would like to come take part, I almost fell off my chair.  Ok, maybe more like I couldn’t stop smiling with excitement.

Every year Serena picks a theme for the show.  This year’s theme was County Fair.   The show is held the first full weekend of June  and features antiques, vintage, crafted goods, and the most friendly and stylish curators around.

AshelyLesley and Sara joined me and I couldn’t have done it without their amazing help.

We filled the silo with 150 ladies with 5 workshop sessions. It was a fun full day of crafting.


|  Photos credited to Sara Parsons Photography   |


Bright colored streamers hung from the ceiling lights, and balloons filled the room to create a county fair ambiance.


On each table, flowers were placed in vintage trophies created by The Flower Bar Co.  Prize winning, pink spray-painted horses stood alongside the flowers and Behr paint cans.



We covered the walls with giant paper fans to resemble vintage rosette award ribbons.  Lesley personalized a few of the rosettes  with her fancy handwriting skills.



Ashley created the super cute pink and white paper valances that we hung over the windows.  Swag bags filled the window sills that were handed out at the end of the workshops.

BeCrafty-28I handmade and personalized each of the name tags for the attendees.


BeCrafty-34We started off each workshop with introductions.  I love this time as we get to learn a little bit about each other before we get busy crafting.

BeCrafty-63The first project we introduced was a decorating a kitchen towel.  Templates of the United States, and for our Canadian friends a maple leaf were available to use to embellish each towel.  Many of the ladies branched out and created their own designs too.

One of my favorite things about hosting workshops is seeing how everyone uses their creativity.  For some, it’s following the instructions as told, and others will go off the instructed path and will be inspired to do their own thing.


Hamilton Beach sent irons to be used to adhere the pattern fabric to the kitchen towels.



After everyone completed their kitchen towel project, a table full of  Behr paint was waiting for them to paint their farm animal on a jar project.


BeCrafty-43It was so fun sharing all my favorite pastel paint colors with everyone.


BeCrafty-65The one hour craft sessions went by way too fast.  It was so fun getting to spend a little time meeting new crafty friends.   BeCrafty-51And what is a county fair craft party without cotton candy treats ?!!!!

Cotton candy was made the day before by Sara and Lesley and placed in candy bags for each attendee to take home.  The sweet Lisa Souers Design kindly let us borrow her cute blue metal cart from her show booth to hold all the cotton candy!!!  And how cute are the hand lettered stickers Lesley made to seal each of the bags?


After the workshop ended, swag bags were handed out to each attendee .  ( Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post all about the swag + giveaway)


The day was more then amazing.  Thanks to all the girls who traveled to attend the show and spent an hour crafting with us.  I had such a fun day with you. It is such a joy to see girls of all ages embracing handmade.

And to these girls who I feel so lucky to have as friends,  who say “yes” to spending many hours behind the scenes helping me create and share the love of handmade with all those who attend BE CRAFTY workshop, thank you for all you do.


Lastly, A VERY special thanks Serena for  inviting BE CRAFTY to your show and for being such an amazing host.  It was such a joy to have the opportunity to work with you and your amazing team. You are truly special to me and so thankful for your friendship.

If you haven’t checked out “The Farm Chicks Show” it’s a MUST ADD to your bucket list !!!   The show is held the first full weekend of June each year in Spokane, WA and features antiques,vintage,crafted goods.  BeCrafty-109

Stay tuned to the blog this week for lots more photos and adventures from our trip to The Farm Chicks show.

And don’t forget to visit the blogs of: Ashley, Lesley and Sara  for more photos !!!!

A BIG thanks again to Sara for all the lovely photos and sharing your gifts with us.






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Raise your hand if you too like making your planners pretty with papers and embellishments. I still haven’t got an official planner that a lot of you have. It’s not that I don’t want one, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and find one that I really love.  Like most you of, I am a Target shopper and have always loved the simple planners that always hit the shelves right at Christmas time. I like to see my entire month at a time and once you find a planner that works, well you just stick with what works.

I want to be cool too, and add pretty papers and embelishments to my planner.  But first I needed something that would hold all those papers together on my planner.

A friend recently let me borrow her button maker. Goodness am I obsessed.


To customize a paper clip that will  hold all my papers to my planner, I first need to make a button that would attach to my jumbo paper clip.

To start, I cut out one of the swans from the BLOOM pattern paper. Once I had my circle punched out I layered my buttons and pressed them with the button maker. If you don’t have a button maker you can find similar supplies at the craft stores , or you can even attach an embellishment.


Once the button is made I used E6000 and attached the button to the paper clip.


Now the fun part, collecting a few of my favorite papers from the bloom collection.


Once I choose the papers I wanted to use I began layering them onto the front of my planner.


My paper clip also holds open the current month, high five for doule purpose !!!


My planner is officially hip.

I hope this project will inspire you to create even if your planner isn’t intended for scrapbook papers.

It’s like hitting the jackpot, when you walk into a the thrift store and see a stack of furniture just waiting for you. I have said it many times, and I will continue saying it. ALWAYS walk to the furniture section first.

I really wasn’t looking for new kitchen chairs until I saw these beauties. Their long spindles stole my heart with their vintage modern look.

Some of you might have noticed we also got a new kitchen light. A few weeks ago I spotted this whicker light at the “target”  thrift store.  For those of you who aren’t aware, Target is based out of Minnesota. On the lower level of the downtown Salvation Army is a thrift store where Target sells salvaged, damaged and sample products. During the Christmas holiday I found a couple of the popular colored Christmas tress for $4 . At the time I was super excited, as I had not seen the tree’s in stores yet.  I soon realized they were a sample color test as my tree’s were more of a purple pink rather then the bright pink that I soon saw on the shelf.  Back to the light, I found this light there with a big sticker that said sample.  Who knows if it will be produced in stores, but for $15 I got myself a new light !!!  It’s always fun going as you sometimes see new item’s that haven’t even hit shelves yet !!

Pretty soon my entire house is going to be furnished by the thrift stores, and I’m ok with that.


The chairs were sitting next to a kitchen table back with all the furniture. As I grabbed the price tag to see if they were being sold as a set I noticed the price was missing. I might have begged the lady at the thrift store to sell me just the chairs.  She said $20 for the set of four chairs and I said sold !!!

As soon as I started to paint the chairs I put our old chairs up on craigslist and ended up making money.


With the excitement of my new chairs I came home and started painting right away, no sanding required.

I would normally paint with a flat paint and then wax, but I decided to paint with a high gloss instead. I am really happy with the end results.



It’s a good thing I like change, because you just never know what might end up in your trunk when you leave the thrift store.


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    Ann - These look amazing! You are so talented. Do you Paint with primer first? Do you paint it all with a brush? My table is almost exactly the same table you have and I have been planning on painting it white. Any tips? Thanks so much!ReplyCancel

My paint brushes have been feeling a little neglected lately.  Last week I painted a set of new ( thrifted ) kitchen chairs, which I will share with you soon. Other then that I haven’t been doing much painting.

I go in little spurts where I am painting all the things, and then go a month without painting. , but goodness do I miss it when I don’t have a paint brush in  my hand.

These colors are my current favorites, and just waiting be used.



Colors by Behr Paint :  Ruffles 170A-3 / Shanghai Jade P410-3 / Sherbet Fruit P180-2 / Young Green P390-4

The small sample paint is Magnolia Home  : Ella Rose


M o r e   i n f o