CREPE PAPER GIFT TAGS / Maggie Holmes Design Team

Is it just me , or do you too love a good DIY gift tag project ?? I love making tags and stashing them away for when I need to wrap up a quick gift.  It seems that with every new paper line Maggie comes out with I like to try make a new version of gift tags. I hope you enjoy today’s project. They just might be my favorite.


These tags were really easy to make. Grab a pre-made tag and a pencil. Trace your tag shape onto your pattern paper, I am using the new bloom collection. Once you have your tags cut out from the pattern paper the fun begins.

I collected a few of my favorite color crepe papers from the party store and thrift stores. To start,  cut 3 strips (the width of your tag) from each color you want to use. I chose to use 2 different colors on each tag. Using double sided adhesive I layered them from the bottom up . Use your scissors To cut small strips on each color crepe paper, a fringe look like a piñata.


To decorate each tag I used a few embellishments from the bloom paper collection, giving each tag a more personalized look.



While I had my crepe paper out, I cut up some confetti pieces to add into my gift. Who doesn’t love confetti spilling all over their floor when opening a package.


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