Kitchen chairs from the thrift store

It’s like hitting the jackpot, when you walk into a the thrift store and see a stack of furniture just waiting for you. I have said it many times, and I will continue saying it. ALWAYS walk to the furniture section first.

I really wasn’t looking for new kitchen chairs until I saw these beauties. Their long spindles stole my heart with their vintage modern look.

Some of you might have noticed we also got a new kitchen light. A few weeks ago I spotted this whicker light at the “target”  thrift store.  For those of you who aren’t aware, Target is based out of Minnesota. On the lower level of the downtown Salvation Army is a thrift store where Target sells salvaged, damaged and sample products. During the Christmas holiday I found a couple of the popular colored Christmas tress for $4 . At the time I was super excited, as I had not seen the tree’s in stores yet.  I soon realized they were a sample color test as my tree’s were more of a purple pink rather then the bright pink that I soon saw on the shelf.  Back to the light, I found this light there with a big sticker that said sample.  Who knows if it will be produced in stores, but for $15 I got myself a new light !!!  It’s always fun going as you sometimes see new item’s that haven’t even hit shelves yet !!

Pretty soon my entire house is going to be furnished by the thrift stores, and I’m ok with that.

The chairs were sitting next to a kitchen table back with all the furniture. As I grabbed the price tag to see if they were being sold as a set I noticed the price was missing. I might have begged the lady at the thrift store to sell me just the chairs.  She said $20 for the set of four chairs and I said sold !!!

As soon as I started to paint the chairs I put our old chairs up on craigslist and ended up making money.

With the excitement of my new chairs I came home and started painting right away, no sanding required.

I would normally paint with a flat paint and then wax, but I decided to paint with a high gloss instead. I am really happy with the end results.


It’s a good thing I like change, because you just never know what might end up in your trunk when you leave the thrift store.


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