It has officially been 6 months since I have moved into my tiny 500 sq. ft apartment in Fargo. I am still adjusting, and learning how to make this new space my own .

One of the first rooms I started working on was the bedroom . I ordered a Nora mattress from wayfair that came right to my door - all the praise hands for a quality mattress that comes right to your door steps. I know there are so many different types of mattress out there I wanted to share with you how much I love the Nora !!!!

I look at before pictures and can’t believe how a little paint can change an entire space. It has been a lot of work, but so worth it all.


It took a lot for me to look past this ugly brown carpet when I first saw the space . After I was given permission from the landlord to update the space it really helped  me look pass that outdated carpet and almond painted walls.

         >>>>>>>>>> BEFORE + PAINTING PROGRESS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Once I got all the walls painted, I removed the ceiling fan and replaced it with a vintage midcentury light fixture. Aw, so much better.  You will also notice the brown carpet is  G O N E  !!!! The main floor is concrete which made it easy to lay down wood floor  tile.

I choose to replace the carpet with tile because it is easy to instal and so easy to keep clean !!

As soon as all the flooring was installed I put together my new metal bed which adds a fun pop of gold to the space.

Decorating a small space is a lot harder then I thought.

Now that all my walls are white, the bedroom area is ready for decorating !! But first I need to take a nap !!



M o r e   i n f o