Painting pretty packages

Painting and creating pretty packages are by far two of my favorite things, so why not put them together.

Ever since I was little I have been attracted to paint and colors. I can remember being in Jr. High going to the hardware store to spend my babysitting money on a gallon of paint  so I could repaint my room.   I don’t think my room stayed the same color for more then a month. Bless my mom for letting me do what I loved and for not getting upset when paint had dripped all over the carpet.

Over the years I have found a true love for creating “pretty packages “. To me, it more then a pretty package. It’s a way to serve, and use the gifts God has given me. To brighten the day of someone who may need a uplift, or a simple way to show I am thinking of them.

Today, I am over on Maggie Holmes blog putting my two favorites together and painting a fun Easter inspired package.




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