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If your like me, there is something so exciting about opening the mail box and seeing a bright colored envelope or small package . Receiving “happy mail” is a day brighter but sending it is just as exciting.  I have talked about this subject multiple times, mostly because it is so dear to my heart. Sending a little happy mail note doesn’t have to cost a lot of money . Today I am sharing a super simple way to create cute pattern paper notecards using Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams paper collection.

First off, let’s gather our supplies. You will need —-

  1. Pattern paper. I choose to use the small 6×6 paper pad as the patterns are printed smaller and looks great on smaller sized projects.
  2. White card stock paper
  3. Double sided adhesive roller
  4. Scissors
  5. Typewriter or pen
  6. Envelope

Once you have all your supplies gathered begin by rolling your permeant adhesive onto one side of your card stock card.  Place your white card stock paper onto the back side of your pattern paper. I like to line my card up to the outside edge of the pattern paper,  this helps make sure my card straight. Pressing firmly, make sure your two papers stick together.  Once  your papers are stuck together, use your scissors and cut the pattern paper and card edges.

Before I begin to embellish my note card I used my typewriter to write a little message. If you don’t have a typewriter you can use a pen or pencil.

Now the fun part, decorating and embellishing !!!!  I love using card stock stickers as they add a little dimension to the card. When I typed my message I made sure I left a large space so I could place my butterfly on top.

Slip your finished card into your colored envelop and seal with a piece of washi tape !!! I am just loving how these double sided cards turned out and it took  less then 20 minutes to make !!!

Imagine if we all took 20 minutes once a week/ month  to send a friend a little note !! Imagine all the smiles we could create !!!!



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