The pink velvet couch

It has been 2 weeks since my eyes found this beauty of a pink velvet couch.  I was in a new area of town having a meeting when on the way home I spotted a thrift store sign.  I turned my car around at the stop light, I had to check it out.  Signs outside said 50% off.  My heart started racing and I jumped out of my car to go inside.

Walking inside new stores is always an adventure. Everything is new and overwhelming. As I began walking around I didn’t really see anything that was of interest, until I spotted this pink velvet couch.

I took a quick photo of it and sent it to my thrifting pals and continued walking around. I had found one item and went to go check out.  As I began walking out the door of the mom and pop thrift shop I asked the guy, ” How much do you want for that pink couch”  the guy looked at me and said ” how about $10.00″.  It wasn’t until then I knew I had to have it, “sold” I said.

The only problem is I didn’t have our truck for 2 weeks. My brother has it up at school 2 hours away and wouldn’t be coming home until then.  The kind man said he would hold it for me. If I was at the goodwill, I wouldn’t of had a chance.

I had my brother pick the couch up for me on his way home. As soon as the truck pulled into the driveway I ran outside.  She was just as pretty as I remembered her to be.

I don’t think this couch has hardly had anyone sit on it.  There are no stains, or rips to be seen.

As we started taking her skirt off she just shinned fancy and modern.  You can still see some of the skirt that hasn’t come off yet in the photo above.  Those upholstery staples are hard core.

I think it’s time for me to trade my SUV in for a truck.

  • February 2, 2016 - 7:24 am

    Gwen - Holy cow! TEN BUCKS?

    I would have strapped that thing to my back and hoofed it home!

    What a find…



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