unicorns and confetti

Incase you haven’t figured it out, I LOVE sending happy mail .  I mean, is there anything better then opening your mail box to a bright colored envelope or package sitting on top of all your bills and junk mail ??

Every month I budget a small amount to use for gifting and sending happy mail. Some months I don’t send anything giving me a larger budget the following month. Last week I gathered my supplies and wrapped up a few little gifts to go along  with a  thank you note .

 DIY Wrapping paper supplies :  Roll of white paper | Unicorn stamp | stamp ink

After you have gathered your supplies, roll your white paper out big enough to cover the package you want to wrap. To start I stamped  5 unicorns on the first row. Staring my second row I stamped 4 unicorns in the middle of the 5 from the first row.  Continue this pattern until you reach the top of your paper.

TIP >>>> If you don’t want to have tape marks on your wrapping paper use a small dot of hot glue or double side adhesive.

Along with my handmade unicorn stamped paper I also created a second wrapping with painted brush strokes. Just grab your favorite paint colors and go crazy!!!!

Lastly, I used pattern papers from Maggie Holmes collection, ruffled crepe paper and sequin trims to add a little sparkle and texture to decorate . On one of the packages, I used a scrap fabric strip as a ribbon and made a button using my button maker and pattern paper to attach everything together.


So are you ready to to add a little cheer to someones day !!! ?   It can be as simple as a handwritten note with confetti inside. We can always use a little happy mail surprise.


M o r e   i n f o