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It’s a new week  full of new paint colors and projects just waiting to get worked on.  I just love opening a fresh can of paint and starting a new project.  Here is some color inspiration to start off  your week.


1. Benjamin Moore 2011-40 old world | 2. Valspar VR021B Enchanted Mermaid | 3. Valspar VR012A Gold Zinger |  4. Valspar VR005C Pouty Pink | 5. Bengamin Moore2010-50 Dawn Pink

Yesterday I dropped the never ending to do list and met up with some friends for a afternoon pool party. There is nothing better then a couple hours soaking up the sun with friends.

I am usually the late one to the party as I tend to come up with last minute gifts  to bring everyone . I recently bought a few extra of my favorite Mason Bar company   lids + straws during one of their flash sales.  I knew they would make perfect usable gifts for friends, and indeed they did.


>>>> SUPPLIES USED  >>>>

  1.  Fabric scrap strips to tie the straw to the colored lid
  2. vintage tickets from Shop Sweet Lulu
  3. Leather bows from Maggie Holmes Confetti collection


With the long clear straws, I decided to keep the gifts simple and bag free. I just love these floral fabric patterns.


Gift giving doesn’t always have to be extreme, gift wrapping on the other hand can be.


Last weekend I stopped into a couple thrift stores, not looking for anything particular .  As I have mentioned before, I usually end up walking toward the furniture first and just so happened to be a 50% off furniture day.  I love spring and summer because that means everyone is cleaning out their houses and the thrift stores can’t keep up with the drop offs which leads to lots of mark down days.


TIP >>> If a ticket has been taken off and item , don’t be afraid to ask an employee . Someone grabbed this dressers ticket but decided not to get it . After a quick overhead announcement and nobody claiming it she was mine . My heart rate might have been a little high as I waited to see if I was going to be able to snag her , I immediately fell in love with her drawers and low height.


Last week on Instagram I gave a little painting sneak peek of the dressers progress. The green dresser was painted with chalk paint and the pink was with regular flat paint. Both of them have been waxed and sealed.


I decided to keep the bottom drawer handles on both dressers. The green dresser had missing top knobs to begin with.  On the pink dresser, I replaced the two top knobs with round glass ones. I spray painted the bottom handles gold to match the gold in the top glass knobs. I just LOVE how it turned out.

PAINT COLORS >>>> GREEN Annie Slogan chalk paint Antibes Green //  PINK  behr marquee ballerina pink 130A-3





Don’t be afraid to grab some paint and give your outdated furniture a little painted makeover. Don’t worry about sanding, most pieces don’t need to be sanded unless they have a extreme amount of glossy finish. Grab a paint brush and some flat paint. You will be surprised how easy it is .


  • June 22, 2015 - 4:57 pm

    Jennifer - what do you wax and seal with?ReplyCancel

    • June 24, 2015 - 7:19 am - Jennifer,
      The dressers are sealed with annie Sloan wax, sealing the paint to the dresser. The wax acts as a bond
      to prevent the paint from scratching.ReplyCancel

  • June 23, 2015 - 10:01 pm

    Bree - I know nothing about painting furniture so I’m curious….why flat paint? I thought the glossy kinds are easier to keep clean….?

    Love these dressers!!!!!ReplyCancel

    • June 24, 2015 - 7:21 am - Hi Bree,

      Flat paint allows you to use a wax bond like annie sloan wax.
      Using glossy paint is really hard to get a smooth fished look. I use a flat paint and then apply the wax.
      Glossy doesn’t always mean easier to clean up.ReplyCancel

      • June 27, 2015 - 11:59 pm

        Bree - Aha, that is smart. Thanks so much! Btw, you are adorable.ReplyCancel

Summer is in full swing around here.  Dinners are being ate outside, and the dogs are enjoying their evening walks again.

I love putting together  simple + fun packages to send to friends.  Just a quick way to let them know I am thinking of them. With it being summer, I thought It would be fun to put together a lemonade package.  Who doesn’t like a cold glass of lemonade.





Using a small glassine bag I packaged up 3 powder lemonade packs . I also included a set of Mason Bar company lids. If you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend them. They are my go to when taking my drink on the go.



The lemon cards from the new Dear Lizzy project life collection made a perfect match for this gift. I used them to include a little note to the receiver.



While shopping at the thrift store I came across this milk jug, I hardly think it was ever used.  Lots of lemonade will now be mixed inside.


Putting together a little package doesn’t have to be hard, remember it’s all about letting your recipient know you are thinking of them.