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I’ve never been a big fan of the Thanksgiving color scheme . Maybe its the gross mix of black and brown together or the dullness of all the colors put together.

As I prep for Thanksgiving this week I am giving this Holiday’s color scheme another chance. Everything seems to be better with a mix of pink added to it.

Wishing you a wonderful start to your Thanksgiving week !!!

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There is something so wonderful about celebrating a friends birthday, even if it gets delivered in the mail.  The last couple months have been full of birthdays and I just love making people feel a little extra loved on their special day .

I am not usually a gift card buyer but when your friend loves Amazon Prime, I knew it would make the perfect gift for her.

Using my favorite paper from Maggie Holmes collection I create a super simple gift tag card !!! If your like me, and love using tags for gifts you are going to love this project.

To create the gift tag card you will need to use a paper tag as your template.

First, fold a piece of card-stock paper in half. This fold should be as big as your template tag.  Trace the tag onto your card stock paper with the fold on the left side of the tag ( like a folded card ) .  Lastly, cut your tag design from your traced card stock paper, you should have created a card in the shape of a paper tag.

To finish off my tag card I added brown tape to the front and back for looks and added a hole punch.

Inside the folded tag card I added pattern paper and embellishments along with a personalized typed note. ( side note: make sure you type on the front of your card before working on the inside )

As you can see, it is the perfect size for a gift card.

Once your gift card is finished slip it into a envelope and don’t forget to add a stamp if mailing !!!!

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the new sticker book from Maggie Holmes collections you are missing out. It seriously has so many stickers and will add the finishing touches to all your projects  !!!!


I am a big fan of Birthday celebrating. It’s the one time of year we can indulge in cake without feeling bad about it.   It seem’s as we get older the celebrating of adult birthdays isn’t as exciting as when we were little.

As life continues to get busier and busier I have given myself a one month celebration rule when helping friends celebrate their special day.  My goal is to get a card or small handmade gift in the mail as close to their birthday as possible, but If I fall short I give myself a little grace and put the one month rule into effect.

I’m not going to lie, this gift is falling into the one month rule, but I am excited to add a little DIY to the gift bag before sending it in the mail !!!

>>>> SUPPLIES NEEDED:  1. Canvas bag 2. Paint 3. Paint brush 4. cardboard  >>>>>>>

This D.I.Y is SUPER easy, beginner level.  First, insert a piece of cardboard inside the bag so the paint doesn’t soak into the back side. Grab your favorite color paint and paint stripes horizontal and and vertical on the bag . Wait and hour for it to dry and you are done.

Since the birthday girl loves the fair,  Maggie Holmes new Carousal paper collection was a perfect fit for decorating the gift bag.  Using a variety of papers and embellishments, I gathered together to create a layered gift tag topper.

In the middle of the papers I added in a  typed gift tag with a special birthday message.  One of my favorite products from the Carousal collection are the enamel pin stickers.

Here is to celebrating birthdays , even if it’s a month late !!!


Over the summer I tried to make it a goal to a send a couple cards to  friends / family member to check in and say hello. Summer is such a busy time that seems to always go by way to fast.

Today I am excited to share one of the cards I made using Maggie Holmes new Carousel paper collection.

I am loving this new collection especially for its fun embelishments  and bright colors.

The floral papers are always my absolute favorite. Using my envelope I traced around my pattern paper to create a envelope liner for my card. Adding this paper inside my envelope adds another fun layer and such a fun surprise when opening.

To attach my pattern paper inside my envelope I  used double sided adhesive.

>>TIP >> Don’t forget to make your liner a little smaller then your envelope so you still have room to use the envelope adhesive to close.

On the back of my yellow card is blank which allows me to write a small note. If you have a typewriter you could always type your note ahead of time . The possibilities are endless.


Hi Friends,

Today I am excited to share with you a little gift giving DIY.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s way easier to just throw a gift in a gift bag and call it done. I’ve been there and sometimes we just need something quick.

Today’s DIY took less then 15 min. and turned out so cute .

Recently I found a old box that I didn’t want to throw away . I love recycling boxes and reusing them for gifting. To create this gift box will only take a couple easy steps.

  1. Gather your favorite pattern patters from Maggie Holmes newest Carousel collection.
  2. Open your box and measure the insides. Once you have your measurements take your pattern paper and cut to those measurements .
  3. Insert your pattern paper into the box making sure it fits and lays flat. Using adhesive place the papers to the box.
  4. Give yourself a high five !! You just made a cute gift box.

Now that the inside of the gift box is all ready, I finished my project with decorating the top of the box.  I used paper and accessories from the Carousel collection to complete my gift.

Instead of adding a card inside my box I used a glassine envelope and add it to the top of my box.  To close the envelope I added a bow sticker to the top of my glassine envelope.


Now what are you waiting for, go grab a box and get your DIY on !!!!




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