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Hi there! It’s Jessica popping in again, and today Amanda has given me the honor of sharing a quick how-to just in time for Christmas!  These simple fabric wrapped candy canes make the sweetest gift toppers or ornaments and take less than 5 minutes to make.  Ultra quick & easy touches like these are my favorite during this busy season!   
 1. Chances are, at this time of year, you already have everything you need on hand. Supplies include: candy canes, scrap fabric, low-temp hot glue gun (can’t stress LOW enough–you will definitely burn your fingers otherwise), and simple embellishments like lace, pinecones, jingle bells, etc.  Begin by tearing your fabric into a strip that is approximately 1″ wide and 2-3′ long.  You can always snip off the excess fabric at the end.
2. Add a big dollup of hot glue to the bottom tip of your candy cane and attach your fabric strip, starting approximately 1″ away from the end.  While your glue is still hot, squish down your fabric on all 4 sides to secure it all around the tip.
3. Begin wrapping your fabric, tightly all the way up your cane until you reach the curve at the top. Note: I left mine wrapped in plastic in case it breaks or crumbles. You could also unwrap your cane for a more tight, sleek look.

4. Instead of wrapping all the way to the end. Pause at the curve of the candy cane. Cut your fabric strip and glue it secure. The trick to finishing it off nicely is to repeat Step #2 on the other end, then wrap back up join and cover the fabric in the curve. Secure with one last dab of glue.

5. Tie on a piece of lace, a to-from tag, or a mini holiday embellishment.


Tip: For variety, try wrapping your candy canes with burlap, lace, or ribbon. Go crazy and enjoy!
Merry Christmas friends!

Hi there! It’s Jessica here,  sharing a few images from last weekend’s Be Crafty in Minneapolis–a festive afternoon filled with sweet Christmas treats and handmade gift wrap galore.  

The extraordinary Melissa at the Faux Martha lavished us with her culinary talents, sharing her cranberry sparkle, no-mess puppy chow, vanilla bean marshmallows (from scratch, of course!), savory chai spiced almonds, and her very famous Christmas in a Cookie. We spread Melissa’s treats out on Amanda’s latest vintage dresser, gussied up with thermoses of winter greens, and added a few hot chocolate spoons into the mix.  It was altogether a feast for all of the senses! 
Once we got crafting, we  hand painted an assortment of white and kraft gift boxes, canvas bags, and sheets of wrapping paper using brushes, circle sponges, and even q-tips.
To top everything off, we created gift tags with watercolored ring stickers and typed messages on a vintage typewriter. We also learned how to dye mini bottle brush Christmas trees, and the secrets of creating the perfect warm fuzzy yarn pom-poms to replace gift bows!  
It was a very merry afternoon at our studio, filled with many creative kindred spirits.  We are excited to announce the next Minneapolis workshop (in time for Valentine’s day) SOON! Stay tuned.
And a huge thank you to our generous workshop sponsors (clockwise from top) who sent our crafters home with a stash of goodies:

Drew B Photo
Pretty Girl Designs
Give with Joy
Lesley Zellers & Tiny Prints
Splendid Supply Company
Little Winter Shop
Sarah Vonne

I am  leaving for Palm Springs next week with my family for Christmas vacation . I am kinda freaking, ok really freaking out.

After this past weekends workshop, I finally sat down and tried to get a few packages wrapped and sent in the mail before we leave . My to do list is so long and my nights trying to pull all nighters is slowly deceasing.

I have been taking little breaks in between sewing house pillows to wrap a few gifts. I need the change up.

I had a few extra canvas bags left over from this past weekends workshop. They really are one of my favorites.  I have only used the small size, but these 8×10 are the perfect size.

I had a few scrap pom poms left over from my house pillows, I couldn’t throw them away . With a handful of scrap poms and a few canvas bags lying around the two were meant to be put together. 



  1. Fabric Canvas bags
  2. mini pom poms
  3. scissors
  4. hot glue gun ( I prefer low temp)
  5. twine / ribbon

To attach your mini poms to your canvas bag apply a little hot glue to your poms and set on your  bag. I like to start with a row of three and then start a new row of two.  Keep with that pattern going back and forth until you get to the bottom of the bag.

Once the poms are attached I started adding fun layers like a paper doily and a pink bottle brush tree.


I tied the tree to my canvas bag using green twine.

Using my Maggie Holmes die cut I cut out the deer silhouette. Using my hot glue I attached the deer silhouette to a mini cloths pin and then clipped it to the green twine. I also added a gold bow  from Maggies Open book collection to the silhouette deer.


Lastly, I attached a letter to the top of the bag.  I just can’t get enough of them.

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    Suse - Everything you do is just darling! you are at genuine risk of becoming my latest craft-crush xReplyCancel

With 15 days till Christmas it’s time to get your packages wrapped and under the Tree. I’m over on Shop Sweet Lulu’s blog to show you how you can make these cute + simple gifts !!!


  • December 10, 2014 - 3:46 pm

    Amanda Paa - these ideas are so lovely! i’m trying to incorporate snazzier gift wrapping so this will definitely come in hand. hope you had fun at the be crafty event this weekend! wanted to check in and see if you had gotten my email, but totally understand if you’ve been too busy to reply. have a great rest of the week!