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Raise your hand if you too like making your planners pretty with papers and embellishments. I still haven’t got an official planner that a lot of you have. It’s not that I don’t want one, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and find one that I really love.  Like most you of, I am a Target shopper and have always loved the simple planners that always hit the shelves right at Christmas time. I like to see my entire month at a time and once you find a planner that works, well you just stick with what works.

I want to be cool too, and add pretty papers and embelishments to my planner.  But first I needed something that would hold all those papers together on my planner.

A friend recently let me borrow her button maker. Goodness am I obsessed.


To customize a paper clip that will  hold all my papers to my planner, I first need to make a button that would attach to my jumbo paper clip.

To start, I cut out one of the swans from the BLOOM pattern paper. Once I had my circle punched out I layered my buttons and pressed them with the button maker. If you don’t have a button maker you can find similar supplies at the craft stores , or you can even attach an embellishment.


Once the button is made I used E6000 and attached the button to the paper clip.


Now the fun part, collecting a few of my favorite papers from the bloom collection.


Once I choose the papers I wanted to use I began layering them onto the front of my planner.


My paper clip also holds open the current month, high five for doule purpose !!!


My planner is officially hip.

I hope this project will inspire you to create even if your planner isn’t intended for scrapbook papers.

It’s like hitting the jackpot, when you walk into a the thrift store and see a stack of furniture just waiting for you. I have said it many times, and I will continue saying it. ALWAYS walk to the furniture section first.

I really wasn’t looking for new kitchen chairs until I saw these beauties. Their long spindles stole my heart with their vintage modern look.

Some of you might have noticed we also got a new kitchen light. A few weeks ago I spotted this whicker light at the “target”  thrift store.  For those of you who aren’t aware, Target is based out of Minnesota. On the lower level of the downtown Salvation Army is a thrift store where Target sells salvaged, damaged and sample products. During the Christmas holiday I found a couple of the popular colored Christmas tress for $4 . At the time I was super excited, as I had not seen the tree’s in stores yet.  I soon realized they were a sample color test as my tree’s were more of a purple pink rather then the bright pink that I soon saw on the shelf.  Back to the light, I found this light there with a big sticker that said sample.  Who knows if it will be produced in stores, but for $15 I got myself a new light !!!  It’s always fun going as you sometimes see new item’s that haven’t even hit shelves yet !!

Pretty soon my entire house is going to be furnished by the thrift stores, and I’m ok with that.


The chairs were sitting next to a kitchen table back with all the furniture. As I grabbed the price tag to see if they were being sold as a set I noticed the price was missing. I might have begged the lady at the thrift store to sell me just the chairs.  She said $20 for the set of four chairs and I said sold !!!

As soon as I started to paint the chairs I put our old chairs up on craigslist and ended up making money.


With the excitement of my new chairs I came home and started painting right away, no sanding required.

I would normally paint with a flat paint and then wax, but I decided to paint with a high gloss instead. I am really happy with the end results.



It’s a good thing I like change, because you just never know what might end up in your trunk when you leave the thrift store.


My paint brushes have been feeling a little neglected lately.  Last week I painted a set of new ( thrifted ) kitchen chairs, which I will share with you soon. Other then that I haven’t been doing much painting.

I go in little spurts where I am painting all the things, and then go a month without painting. , but goodness do I miss it when I don’t have a paint brush in  my hand.

These colors are my current favorites, and just waiting be used.



Colors by Behr Paint :  Ruffles 170A-3 / Shanghai Jade P410-3 / Sherbet Fruit P180-2 / Young Green P390-4

The small sample paint is Magnolia Home  : Ella Rose


Is it just me , or do you too love a good DIY gift tag project ?? I love making tags and stashing them away for when I need to wrap up a quick gift.  It seems that with every new paper line Maggie comes out with I like to try make a new version of gift tags. I hope you enjoy today’s project. They just might be my favorite.


These tags were really easy to make. Grab a pre-made tag and a pencil. Trace your tag shape onto your pattern paper, I am using the new bloom collection. Once you have your tags cut out from the pattern paper the fun begins.

I collected a few of my favorite color crepe papers from the party store and thrift stores. To start,  cut 3 strips (the width of your tag) from each color you want to use. I chose to use 2 different colors on each tag. Using double sided adhesive I layered them from the bottom up . Use your scissors To cut small strips on each color crepe paper, a fringe look like a piñata.


To decorate each tag I used a few embellishments from the bloom paper collection, giving each tag a more personalized look.



While I had my crepe paper out, I cut up some confetti pieces to add into my gift. Who doesn’t love confetti spilling all over their floor when opening a package.


Have I got a fun D.I.Y for you today.

I love crafting handmade items that can be used in every day home decor. If you have little ones this shadow box house D.I.Y is just for you.  A fun modern look to add to your wall with easy access of taking it down for playtime.

Since I don’t have any little feet running around my house, I made this project as a gift !!!


SUPPLIES NEEDED: Wood House // Maggie Holmes Bloom paper collection // adhesive // pencil for tracing // scissors // paint

woodhouseTo start, I created a template for inside the house by folding a white piece of copy paper . After I got my house template created I used the created template to cut out my pattern paper.


I love that this project involves pretty paper AND paint. Two of my favorite things.  I painted the entire house expect the inside where my paper ” wallpaper” will be placed.

I also thought it would be really cute to just paint the inside walls but I decided to paint the entire house. Both options are super cute.


Once your house is dry from painting use double sided adhesive to place your pattern paper inside. I am really crushing on this black floral print from Maggie’s Bloom collection.


Now comes the fun part, decorating !!!!!  I had a hard time choosing what embelishments I wanted to use. They are all so cute. I decided on the banners and a frame with a butterfuly to complete the interior look.


The cutest little wood dolls can be found here. I hope you enjoy making this cute little project as much as I did.

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